"Cycling is more than a sport, it's a hymn to freedom. Under the sun that caresses your skin or the rain that challenges your courage, every road is a new chapter in your epic two-wheeled adventure. The bicycle is not just a means, it is the key to access unexplored worlds, it is the passion that defies the wind and the heart that beats in sync with the road. In the dance between the cyclist and the bike, you find the true essence of freedom."

Welcome to our space, where cycling is our passion and service is an art. We are an incotro point for cycling enthusiasts or simple cyclists dodging traffic.

A place where passion has been handed down for generations, where a simple sandwich will seem more heroic to you.The first reality in Ticino to offer, in one place a mechanic service, a bike store and a public place. United by a single passion. The bicycle.

Two guys, two friends, two bike enthusiasts. One goal, to provide ad hoc service, from the professional to the amateur. We work meticulously so that the customer can feel comfortable, from the choice of products to the care of service.

United by a strong cycling passion and active in Ticino. We are constantly striving for improvement, from customer service to infrastructure. To the development of new trails and places to discover.